Read More About RAW Trucks

RAW Trucks is a family business that specialises in trucks and truck trailers. We provide services, such as truck and trailer trade-ins, truck repairs and services, trailer repairs and much more. We are situated in Boksburg, next to the N12 and R21, centrally located for the convenience of our customers.

Company History:

RAW Trucks was established in 2006 by father and son, Rodney and Adam Plett. They have been in the truck industry for over 30 years and has a lot of experience and knowledge in the truck and trailer industry. In 2013 Nicole Plett Nathan joined the team and together this team of professionals ensure that all operations run smoothly and that every customer receives high standard service.

Aims and Values:

With RAW Trucks being a family business we aim to provide our clients with a personalised yet professional service. We have high moral standards and values such as respect, honesty, integrity, reliability and ethical business practice. We believe that the customer’s perception is our reality. We aim to treat our clients the same way that we would want to be treated, which also ensures customer satisfaction.


We believe in a hands-on management system. This way we can assure quality services and products and a great customer relationship. From the moment you are interested in becoming a RAW Trucks customer we advise and support you all the way. We keep a close eye on all the processes and give you the best quality service at affordable prices.

The RAW Trucks Team:

We treat all our workers like a part of our family. Every single one of them serve an important role in the business and we acknowledge that. We try our best to create a stress-free working environment where our workers can feel safe and happy. We know that employee satisfaction equals productivity and that’s why we motivate our employees and make them feel appreciated. Most of our workers have been here since the beginning and all of them have the relevant training and experience in the truck and trailer industry.

Administrative Team:

Our administrators are responsible for handling all the paperwork, such as truck trade-ins, export deals, paperwork for repairs, service and much more. They are reliable, hard-working and very efficient.

Workshop Team:

Our workshop manager is responsible for managing all the workshop departments, Our workshop is divided into mechanical, boiler making, spray painting and cleaning departments. He has been working for the company for 3 years and has 15 years of experience.

Our team members in the various workshop departments work very hard to provide the best repairs and maintenance work to our clients.


We aim to be the preferred service provider for the truck and truck trailer industry, by providing our clients with the best possible service at discounted prices.


Our mission is to treat our customers as if we, ourselves, were the customer.

Products and Services:

Here at RAW Trucks we offer a wide range of services to clients, which include the mining, waste removal, contract work, transport, logistics and construction industries, amongst other. A large part of our client base is start-up businesses. We offer our clients ready-to-work trucks with the relevant paperwork and other advice that will assist our clients in having a great start.

We have an Accredited Evaluator on site that will provide the best trade-in value for your trucks or truck trailers. We can also sell your trucks or trailers for you, as we are situated next to the highway, which is an advertisement by itself, but besides that, we also advertise your truck or trailer in magazines and our website. This way you won’t have to worry about the hassle of trying to sell the truck on your own, you can now focus on something more important, like your business.

We offer contracts for work if you purchase a truck and/ or trailer from us.